Hackett Auto Museum launches “Two Minutes with Ted” Video Series

104 year old Ford Model T car donated to the Hackett Auto Museum

The Hackett Auto Museum announced the launch of its new video series “2 Minutes with Ted” today. The series, hosted by museum Founder and Executive Director Ted O’Dell, consists of short educational videos that focus on a specific historical vehicle or artifact housed within the Hackett Auto Museum’s collection.

“Our purpose is to capture the interest of the public to let them know we have an important shared heritage that must be preserved,” O’Dell said. “We’re trying to make fun, unique content that will help viewers understand what makes these items special and why they are so important to both local and automotive history.”

The second two-minute video was released this afternoon and focuses on the museum’s Ford Model T – “the car that put the world on wheels.” The video can be viewed on the museum’s Facebook page. Additional segments of “2 Minutes with Ted” will be released each month.

All items featured in the videos will be on display at the Hackett Auto Museum once it opens to the public in 2019.


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