Hackett Building Genealogy

Hackett Auto Museum building genealogy

Ted O’Dell, Founder & Executive Director

July 10, 2018

Hackett Building Genealogy

Source material, Polk Directories, State of Michigan Library at Lansing


1886 – 1903 – S. Heyser & Sons

Manufacturers of Sash, Doors & Blinds


1893 – 1894

Polk Directory lists Charles Lewis as president of the Lewis & Allen Spring Co., Residence as 116 Orange.


1903 – Jackson Automobile Company

Manufactured the “JAXSON” Steam Car


(Designed by Byron J. Carter. He split ways with the company then built the Cartercar in 1905 in Jackson, Michigan 1906 in Detroit and from 1907-1915 in Pontiac, Michigan.)


Polk Directory of 1903 lists the following…


Lewis Spring & Axle Co., The

Charles Lewis, Pres (Residence listed as 124 Bates Street)

Frederick J. Keiser, VP

Frederick H. Lewis, Secretary/Treasurer

“manufacturers carriage springs and axles”

“n.s. Le Roy on MCRR. Both tels 386”


1905 – 1912 – Lewis Spring & Axle 

(Charles Lewis was Jackson’s largest employer. Died suddenly Feb. 24th, 1912. Business valued at $700,000 at time of death)


Lewis Spring & Axle:


Charles Lewis, President. Also listed as the Secretary/Treasurer of the E.C. Clark Motor Company in 1912. His residence was 1609 E. Main Street, Jackson, Michigan.


Frederick J. Keiser, V.P. and Supt.

Frederick H. Lewis Secretary/Treasurer (Residence was 607 W. Main Street)


*1908 first telephone installed at the property. “Bell Telephone No. 386”.  Number remained the same until it was changed in the year 1920.


1912 – 1914 Standard Electric Car Company 

(There is one car known to exist. It is in the LeMay Auto Museum in Tacoma, Washington)


C.G. McCutchen, President

C.F. Krueger, V.P. & G.M.

C.E. Ulticksen, Secretary/Treasurer


“automobile manufacturers, corner S. Park Ave & Park Place” – 1912 Polk Directory


1914 – Briscoe Automobile Company 

(Re-tooled the building to make the ARGO car. Briscoe was making cars in Detroit & eventually built a new factory in Jackson a few miles from the building he sold to Mr. Hackett)


Per Jackson, Michigan Polk Directory…

Benjamin “Lou” Briscoe – residence 323 W. Main Street. Wife is Jeanette.

Branch Manager, James B. Guthrie of 109 Hamburg Street


1915/1916 – Argo Automobile Company

(Owned by Mr. Benjamin Briscoe)


Benjamin Briscoe, President

J.R. Findlatter, V.P. & Sales manager

L.E. Latta, Secretary/Treasurer


(Horace Mansell Hackett was on the board of directors for the Argo Company and also owned the Detroit based, Disco Starter Company)


1916 – 1919 – Hackett Automobile Company 

(Mr. Horace Mansell Hackett sold the building to David Buick and left the car business. Mr. Hackett Died in Islip, N.Y. in August of 1945. Company produced a document 118 Hackett Cars)


1920 – 1934 – American Gear & Manufacturing

Phone number to the “Hackett Building” building was “S. Park 2382”

Phone number changed in 1925 to “Oakwood 2382”





1940-1951 J.C.P.

Jackson Citizen Patriot


1952 – 1960 Walker, Michigan Division

(Walker Manufacturing of Racine, Wisconsin. Auto Accessory Manufacturers.


1961 – 1984
Vacant according to Polk Directory


1985 – 1991

JCP “Storage”

Jackson Citizen Patriot


1992 – 2001

Not listed in Polk Directory or building is listed as “Vacant”.

In the 2001 Polk Directory –  “613 Hupp – Herald Co. – General Warehousing”


2001 – 2014

Building not listed or, listed as “vacant”


2015 – 2017

Advance Central SVC – Michigan Srv. (517) 782-0105

In 2017 listed as “Advance Central SVC – Michigan Srv. Business Mngt Consultants”


2017 (December)

Building purchased by Richard D. McLellan of Okemos, Michigan on behalf of the Horace & Mabel Hackett Foundation.


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