You’re an Auto Museum, What’s With the Light?


Ever wonder why the Hackett Auto Museum has a light fixture for it’s logo? Well, as I was brainstorming with my good friend Tracey “the promo Queen” McClure of the Albrecht company; she and I were discussing how the logo, whatever it was going to
be, needed to unique so it would stand out from other auto museums.

Anyone who has visited car museums knows that most logos are of a car or, the silhouette of some type of automobile. Zzzz… not that there is anything wrong with that… But, car logos are certainly prevalent in the museum industry.

So, in an effort to stay fresh, new and too stand out on the industry; I looked at a picture from 1916 taken inside the Hackett Automobile Company plant. Well I noticed other then the Hackett cars themselves, the most prominent feature in the
photo was the row of early industrial gas light fixtures. And as they say… the rest is history!

Fast forward some eighty years… sadly, but obviously, the original light fixtures are long gone and have been replaced with modern sodium lights. However, Bohnet Electric of Lansing, Michigan (a company specializing in historic lighting fixtures) is
currently scouring the country to locate one dozen of these original industrial light

Once the light fixtures are located, and wired for electricity, they will be reinstalled to take their proper place inside the Hackett Auto Museum. It is my intent to give our future visitors a historically accurate and educational experience as they walk the floors of some of Jackson’s early automotive pioneers to learn about our collective past and why “This place matters!”

Now you know the rest of the story…

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