Hackett Auto Museum Excites as History is Unveiled


Recently, my telephone rang – when I answered, the voice on the other end of the line said “Benjamin Briscoe was my great-grandfather. What do you want to know?” I could hardly believe it!

Since the inception and launch of the Hackett Auto Museum project, good things continue to happen. Not only have I had the pleasure of talking with a descendant of automotive pioneer, Benjamin Briscoe, I have also been talking with the great grandson of Charles Lewis. At onetime, Mr. Lewis was Jackson, Michigan’s largest employer with his pre-turn of the century spring and axle company that spanned well in to the automotive age.

Mr. Lewis who died at a relatively young age by today’s standards, is laid to rest in a stately mausoleum in a Jackson cemetery. Briscoe and his wife are resting inside Arlington National Cemetery, as Mr. Briscoe became a WW1 hero before returning to the U.S. to eventually retire on a large ranch in Florida.

Several descendants of the Lewis and Briscoe have contacted me to discuss their family history and all are eager to share their stories with the Hackett Auto Museum. As we continue to bring the project together the entire team is looking forward to capturing these wonderful, interesting and important stories of Jackson’s early automotive pioneers.

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