Plymouth Ghost Hunters to Explore Hackett Building

Hackett Auto Museum - Ghost Hunters to Explore Hackett Building

Later this month, members of the Plymouth Ghost hunters will be exploring one of Jackson’s earliest industrial buildings.

“The director of another historic site suggested I invite professional ghost hunters in to see if they pick up on any anomalies like movement or voices” said Ted O’Dell, Executive Director of the 14,000 square foot former automobile assembly plant.

ThePlymouth Ghost Hunters are a southeast Michigan ghost hunting organization. They investigate private residences, businesses, historical locations and public buildings in an effort to determine what is causing any reports of paranormal activity. Each investigation is followed up with a written report.

“I am told often times after a person has passed, their spirit will visit a place that had special meaning to them during their lifetime. So its not always like a horror movie with spinning heads” O’Dell said.

Still in the planning stages, the future Hackett Auto Museum was the onetime home to some of Jackson’s early industrial giants. Lewis Spring & Axle, the Standard Electric Automobile Company, Briscoe Automobile Company, Argo and Hackett car companies. The building also served as a storage warehouse for the Jackson Citizen Patriot prior to O’Dell purchasing the building last year.

“Several weeks ago I was in the building taking pictures. When I viewed them later that day, one picture in particular shows a silhouette and what appears to be glowing eyes,” O’Dell said. “I was there alone” he concluded. He went on to say that during a recent research session, he found a photograph from 1915 placing workmen in the same location as the silhouette and glowing eyes.

Plymouth Ghost Hunters conduct educational presentations in Michigan; host Kid’s Days and Adult Ghost Hunts in tandem with various Michigan historical societies and museums.

Should the team make any discoveries, they will host several public hunts in the building later this year O’Dell said.

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